Sunday, September 13, 2009

cherryn's worst day

that's what cherryn said on the phone a couple hours before she left.
she just went to melbourne for 17 days holiday.
and today was her most unlucky day ever.

kaca di kamar mamanya yang segede gaban PECAH.
it was A HUGE mirror.
i've seen it and it was bigger than iyeng! really!
ga terlalu ngerti kenapa bisa pecah, tapi intinya pecah aja.
and the worst thing, it almost hit harry, her 3 years old brother.
KACA PECAH = pertanda buruk
and yes, everything started from there.

udah kelar packing bikin cherryn quite excited and made her realize, she's gonna be in melbourne soon.
beberapa barang yg kurang pun udh dibeli, and cihaa, dia berangkat ke airport.
pas udh nyampe...
begitulah kira2 yg diucapkan mamanya cherryn.
yes, they were in shock.
cherryn's mom needs to pay extra 2.5 million if she didn't show her NPWP, so...

, so... she asked her sister,
tante lenny to pick up the npwp at her house and fax it.
unfortunately, GAK BISA DI FAX karena berbentuk kartu.
alhasil, si tante lenny hrs nyari tmpt foto kopi sekitar setengah jam.

gak selese di situ. ternyata hasil fax npwp nya BUREM.
ato antara mata si mbak yg ngecek itu picek.
pokoknya si mbak had a quarrel with cher's mom ya gara2 npwp nya yg burem itu.
ya maklum org indo, si emaknya cher nyelip 200rebo, mbaknya lgsg sungkem -.-"

and here it was the final.
the departure time was DELAYED for an hour. ha ha ha.
bener2 what a day yah cer :p

cheers ya cher :p

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