Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the katroes

3:57 PM 4
sorry for a long absent ppl,
i've been busy doing stuffs and laziness stopped me from being present here
anyway, as you ppl know, a best friend of mine has gone to australia.
and she just told me that she's gonna return tomorrow! i'm so damn excited!

*background: cla's funny face

well, what's this?
it's just an iseng thing i did in my spare time.

it's me and my retard besty, clarissa.
i sleptover at her house a few weeks ago and we did a lot of photoshoot. it wasn't a real photoshoot, again, it's just iseng. and some of the photos are very interesting, because we showed our aib A LOT. so, i'm gonna minimize them and put them in groups for an easier look.

why the katroes?
well, when i made it, that word (i'm not even sure if there's a word for that) just popped out in my mind. i'd like to call ourselves katro - somekind like a village ppl.
clarissa was daft, insane, sly, very stingy and kinda old-fashion but has such great stuffs (she really did). and i was a bit ninny (bolot in a few case), lebay (get too excited easily) and, katro. hahaha. so, yes, i'm proudly present:
the katroes!
-sartob as cihaks
-clarissa as bohoo
(it's like our alter egoes)

i suddenly missed my bohoo, let's hang out and spend QUALITY (read: crazy) time again cla! haha

cheers and love,
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Friday, September 25, 2009


8:43 PM 3
Being satisfiedn is wht I'm feeling now.
Finally I could get what I was really planning to do
1. Starting to make a project with dhea
2. Bought a bb
3. And lastly, phoning cherryn though she's in australia right now. I really do miss her. Hahaha :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


2:32 PM 4
i don't know why people are being generous nowadays.
that's a good thing to know haha.

well, i do hope that i'll win one of these giveaways, hehe, wish me luck!

*anyway this is my first time to entry such a giveaway :p

poppylipstain's giveaway:

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7-Wet wild ultimate brow kit w/ mirror, tweezers, and shaping tool in Ash Brown

8- Wetseal's peacock eyelash

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vanity and everything in between's giveaway:

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i was actually planning to join more, but i won't be greedy, one is enough then :)
well, if you guys are joining, i wish you guys good luck too!


Monday, September 21, 2009


5:56 PM 0
why shit?

fyi, i've been watching and dreaming shit these days.

a couple days ago, i watched "preman in love" with my mom. the story really sucks.

"kenapa sih ni film, dr awal, tengah, sampe tamat pun isinya TAI semua?"
"film ga punya moral, film TAI"
-mom's thoughts-

yes, it's true.
it only shows shit everywhere, since the beginning, people are being thrown by shits and also, there's a guy being forced to eat cow's shit and many more.
indonesian movie is getting lame and shitter (haha, is that a word?)

well, the image of shit was stuck on my mind, and i dreamt that i swam in a shit pool.

it's not finished yet.

getting bored in the afternoon, i turned on my tv and chose celestial channel, hoping there would be a nice movie to watch.
and another shit picture popped out in the screen. yes, it's another shit movie, called "attack on the pin-up boys".
so, to conclude, the movie is about, a jealous guy who
attacks heartthrob/ pretty boys with shit.
interested? click here to read the whole story

after watching the movie, i felt this guy seems so familiar.
who was he?

ooh yeah, i realized, i watched him in a movie, called hello schoolgirl.
and, ooh, he played with chae jung ahn, who also plays in the first shop of coffee prince.
oh geez, they're all connected hahaha.

source: here and google

so, shit, ppl!
haha, cheers anyway,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

another randomness

9:00 PM 2

who : sartob, sara, iyeng (tp g ada fotonya haha)
what : golf
where : golf pondok indah
when : 3/9/2009
how : bodoh, especially me, liat dng foto gw nya.
kyk kuntilanak mw coba jd witch -.-"

who : sartob n cherryn
what : kencan bodoh
where : cheese cake factory
when : 29/8/09
how : ENAK PARAH SMUANYA! argh, mau lg!

who : papa and a friend
what : him and his racing car
where : idk
when : around 20-30 years ago
how : mana gua tau? itu fotonya gw foto lg, soalnya gw suka ngeliat racing car nya bokap gw.
baru tau akhir2 ini ternyata dulu bokap eke ank gaol jg,
suka nge rally n nge race di sirkuit haha. mantabs dah. haha

Monday, September 14, 2009

6 rounds

6:53 PM 1

where: hotel mulia
what: om bokes' birthday
when: 12/9/2009
how: hm, fun yet full and sleepy haha. there're 6 rounds to finish all the foods (gah!)
anyway, love the main course! haha.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

cherryn's worst day

10:50 PM 0
that's what cherryn said on the phone a couple hours before she left.
she just went to melbourne for 17 days holiday.
and today was her most unlucky day ever.

kaca di kamar mamanya yang segede gaban PECAH.
it was A HUGE mirror.
i've seen it and it was bigger than iyeng! really!
ga terlalu ngerti kenapa bisa pecah, tapi intinya pecah aja.
and the worst thing, it almost hit harry, her 3 years old brother.
KACA PECAH = pertanda buruk
and yes, everything started from there.

udah kelar packing bikin cherryn quite excited and made her realize, she's gonna be in melbourne soon.
beberapa barang yg kurang pun udh dibeli, and cihaa, dia berangkat ke airport.
pas udh nyampe...
begitulah kira2 yg diucapkan mamanya cherryn.
yes, they were in shock.
cherryn's mom needs to pay extra 2.5 million if she didn't show her NPWP, so...

, so... she asked her sister,
tante lenny to pick up the npwp at her house and fax it.
unfortunately, GAK BISA DI FAX karena berbentuk kartu.
alhasil, si tante lenny hrs nyari tmpt foto kopi sekitar setengah jam.

gak selese di situ. ternyata hasil fax npwp nya BUREM.
ato antara mata si mbak yg ngecek itu picek.
pokoknya si mbak had a quarrel with cher's mom ya gara2 npwp nya yg burem itu.
ya maklum org indo, si emaknya cher nyelip 200rebo, mbaknya lgsg sungkem -.-"

and here it was the final.
the departure time was DELAYED for an hour. ha ha ha.
bener2 what a day yah cer :p

cheers ya cher :p

Thursday, September 3, 2009

it's gay, but i have to admit that im loving it

7:21 PM 2
a few days earlier, i bought a couple new DVDs to watch.
well, i'm currently into korean n taiwanese drama now, as i have long holiday and need something to watch for longer period of time.

i've watched bbf, romantic princess, princess hours, meteor garden 1, n hot shot (ongoing), whereas i used to dislike those kind of movies and actually disgust them lol.

i found interesting stories, different plots, and attractive acting by each one of the actor/actress. real different with our indonesian drama, which usually called sinetron. they have more, what should i say, quality perhaps? i do envy them, i wish indonesia would have something better than cinta fitri haha.

so, i just finished watching hanazakarino kimitachine (hana kimi) in taiwan version.
suck ending i must say, love it though.

i literally heart jiro wang after watching this movie. he is awesome. i mean, his fool acting was real funny. and when i searched him in youtube, i found him in his new movie called ToGetHer which really amazed me. he could play his character really well, though it was the opposite from his previous act in hana kimi. he looked way gorgeous and handsome. ooh, i fell deeper for him. haha.

anyway, let's skip jiro wang, it would take ages to talk about him lol.
so, afterwards, i found this unique taiwanese tv programme in youtube.
it called, 100% entertainment.
well, it brought their viewers a competition between the actors of a specific drama to steal the main lead actress' heart. i don't really know whether it's a reality show, or acting.

it's kinda like a love matching game, the actors will go through a series of minigames, and the "princess" has to choose who wins each time. at the end, she must choose one of these guys to be her "lover".
hm, interesting, right?

well, these are my favs:

ToGetHer/ superstar express

Hana Kimi

Boys Before Flowers

i only post the first part, well, do click them to watch the rest of the episodes directly in youtube :)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another show off

7:31 PM 3

sorry for being such a random person. well, actually, i have nothing to write so, let me just show ya, my new ethnic items in my wardrobe :)

bracelets, bought at pameran jhcc

india ethnic necklace, bought at citos bazaar

patchwork bag, bought at pameran jhcc

patchwork skirt, bought at pameran jhcc

and several random pics:

our matching batik :)

somekind of art show @ pacific place