thanks god it's friday!

actually, today is sunday, and the title was describing the restaurant i just went today.

my family n i used to go to this restaurant a lot, when taman ria senayan was still working. unfortunately, because of the roller coaster accident, ppl happened to lost their "appetite" and decided to move to somewhere else (buat nge-gaol)

so here are the foods that we ordered:


mom's - salmon


actually my dad lusting over the ribs they sold here. but, when we came, they have none. dad felt really bad and complained in his style (which doesn't really look like complaining after all), the waiter seemed so kind and generously gave us this, for free!.

awww, looks so yummy, isn't it?
it has almond peanuts, chocolate topping, cherry, caramel and, delicious ice cream!
oh geez, i ate them all, by myself. hihi.

well, sadly, tgif will be closed on december. i don't really know why, but, it's just too bad :(

after that, mom n i went to coffee festival @ wijaya.
and let me introduce: KOPI LUWAK!

so, the salesman told us that it was made from LUWAK'S POO!
i was like
"WHAT? POO? you sure?"
"yes, here, let me show you"
"show me what?"
"the poo"

doesn't look like poo at all, right?

and this is the poo's owner :p

haha, unbelievable right?

this is me and chika trying the new coffee :)
check her awesome blog here

anyway, yesterday i went to play futsal at pro arena with bno (boys night out) and the rest of ggw (girls gone wild) *giggles* the names are just for fun. don't take it offensive :)

such unlucky, i didn't bring my camera, so there's no picture to show. but, cherryn has a lot, check my facebook to see more :)

after that, i went to grand indonesia with my elementary school's friends. it was such a blast! we really do have a lot of fun. we laughed like, all the time, it's because of edo haha. such a funny hairstyle and outfit you had, kiddo. these are the pics :)
next meeting, we should go karaoke fellas! at sency perhaps?

pics to die for:

sartob, adine, dhea, azira, edo, jo

the girls n fountain show!

omg jo! you're such a freak! hahaha.
nice pose beybeh!

with my bff, dhea (i love her ethnic style)

adine :)

watch out zir, there's om2 mesum behind you :p

stb :)


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