random pics

these are the scratch i made :p
sorry ya pah, i'll drive safer hihi

the pattern for my sewing lesson
unfortunately the drawings which made by pencil can't be seen clearly

looks luscious, isn't it?

im soooo into it :)

what's the extraordinary?
these cupcakes had been staying in my freezer for A YEAR!
those are my surprise cakes from cherryn :)
owwh, i heart them

what are these scribbles?
do they even mean a thing?

yeah, my dad was making them when he taught me about car's machine thingy and stuffs :p
quite complicated but i like it!

stb :)


Kevin Reiner said…
buset cupcake bisa tahan berapa lama emang? terus lo bisa nyetir mobil ye? gue aja kagak bisa wkwkwk
sartob said…
gatau gue haha. tgl 25 ini, cupcake nya persis ultah yg ke 1 taun hahaha. iye haha. udh pny sim eke :p
Kevin Reiner said…
wuidih haha umur berape lo emang?
sartob said…
15 haha nembak :p

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