17th august 2009 (supposedly)

happy belated birthday indonesia :)
sorry for my quite long absent. actually im not busy nor forget.
im just kinda lazy.
i was home for these 3 days.
really got nothing to do besides omegle-ing.
it was fun actually, i got 17 real new friends from around the world,
such as: usa, china, australia, uk, spain, portugal, thailand, brazil
cool huh?

i really dnt knw wht to say.
im so pathetic.

anyway, i just finished watching love strategy
a chinese drama but includes kim jeong hoon, who is literally korean
though the movie isn't as popular as meteor garden or bbf
but i must say it got such a pretty interesting story
kjh n vivian hsu also played well
they also made such a cute couple
though vivian is around 10 years older than kjh. lol

are you familiar with princess hours drama?
well, i start noticing kjh from there
his gorgeous acting melts me. lol
well, still remember yoon eun hye?
she also hit audience's attention in princess hours drama
suddenly, i found these:


it was her for vogue girl photoshoots, IN BALI!
im just feeling so proud.

cheers people
love, sartob :)


aziz miring said…
saya lebih seneng liat foto ceweknya.,.,
heh ehe he.,,.
hahhhh serius luu??? waaa mestinya kita berfto yah ahahah. lu lg dimana pas liat? hahaha iya tp yg tengah agak beda sendiri mukanya hihihi. thankies darl!!
sartob said…
iya haha. sayang sih gw cm ngeliat lo sekilas haha. pas lo bertiga brg adek2 lo jln ke 21 haha. jlnny jg kek cepet bgt gt :p haha masa sih? malah gw blg mirip bgt sm lu haha. emg lo brp ber sdr ? hehe :)

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