Sunday, August 30, 2009

my belated birthday

4:51 PM 2
padahal rencananya mau pamer hr itu jg. tp jeng jeng, internet rusak boo! rese haha

well, as i've told you ppl before.
on last 25th august, i celebrated my birthday! cihuy cihuy! haha
im officially 16 now, but deep deep inside my soul, i'm still 15 ppl, I'M NOT OLD! hahaha

well, anggep aja hari ini 25th august yaw. eke mau crita2 soalnya hehe.

in the morning, gue, spencer n jason udh berencana pengen cabut brg. tp, sayangnya, hampir gjd, soalnya jesen mw ke dokter tulang. cih. haha
akhirny gw nntn sm spencer aja.
pas beli tiket, akhirny dipastikannya lah, ngkoh jesen trnyata ikt haha.
well, the proposal, here we come! haha

ceritanya kocak PARAH, bener2 bgs, apalg RAMONE hahaha. bener2 bkin ngakak. trus, ryan reynolds gantengnya jg ga nahan + badannya yg bner2 bgs bkin gue kagum haha.

abs itu, gw ke katek deh haha. ketmu iyeng n sara n tmn2 katek lainnya. pas udh kelar, smuanya jd pada tau gw ultah gara2 si ntep tolol nyanyiin happy birthday di tengah2 kelas itu haha. seneng sih, tp malu! hahaha :p

anyway, today's greatest present i've received was a chrystler. tiba2 wkt mw berangkat ke ps nonton, bokap gw blg, "pick up our new car in my office, alright?" n gw akhirny got a chance to ride a sports car. well, serem pertamanya haha, apalg suara mesin n knalpotnya yg menggelegar. hahaha. the color was really shocking, as it was painted in RED NEON. hahaha. emang tipenya neon color gt, tp hahaha. agak memalukan i must say :)

lalu lalu, another surprise i got was a cute cake and two gifts from my MBAK! subuh2 jm 12 pagi, they woke me up sambil nyanyiin lagu happy birthday lengkap dengan kue n lilin angka 16. aw aw :) sungguh tersanjung ;)

well, ultah yg gak terlalu jelek kan? hahaha :)

the cake, present, and birthday wishes in my handphones. thx ppl :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

que sera sera

5:37 PM 4

so, udah gak kerasa aja, ini tnggal 24 agustus haha
mau pamer dikit ah, tomorrow is my bday :)
well, i dnt feel like im getting older, but i still wanna stay 15
it's the best year i've ever had
kalo gue bisa gerakin waktu seenak jidat
i would be really fun to see myself in the future haha
gue pengen ngeliat jd apa ntr gw
sukses apa nggak
ntar pacarnya ganteng apa kagak haha
tp, sesuai fav lg gue:

que sera sera
whatever will be, will be
the futures not ours to see
que sera sera
what will be, will be

cheers ppl,
sartob :)

happy :)

12:09 AM 0
akhirnya! gw kepikiran juga bikin header nya kyk gimana haha.
sebenernya udh lamaaaaaaaaaaaa banget mau ganti header, tapi males buanget bikinnya.
tiba2 hari ini, plg gereja gue ada ide cemerlang, dan jadilah header itu haha.

well, tinggal beberapa fix sana sini, blog bikinan gue kelar juga hehe.
doain yaw supaya berhasil. haha. soalnya susah aw! haha

catch ya later :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

17th august 2009 (supposedly)

9:29 PM 4

happy belated birthday indonesia :)
sorry for my quite long absent. actually im not busy nor forget.
im just kinda lazy.
i was home for these 3 days.
really got nothing to do besides omegle-ing.
it was fun actually, i got 17 real new friends from around the world,
such as: usa, china, australia, uk, spain, portugal, thailand, brazil
cool huh?

i really dnt knw wht to say.
im so pathetic.

anyway, i just finished watching love strategy
a chinese drama but includes kim jeong hoon, who is literally korean
though the movie isn't as popular as meteor garden or bbf
but i must say it got such a pretty interesting story
kjh n vivian hsu also played well
they also made such a cute couple
though vivian is around 10 years older than kjh. lol

are you familiar with princess hours drama?
well, i start noticing kjh from there
his gorgeous acting melts me. lol
well, still remember yoon eun hye?
she also hit audience's attention in princess hours drama
suddenly, i found these:

it was her for vogue girl photoshoots, IN BALI!
im just feeling so proud.

cheers people
love, sartob :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just need one more A

7:27 PM 0
igcse results has been distributed...
and my results are quite ok.
good enough but not satisfactory.

business studies: B
accounting: A
economics: A
art and design: C
biology: D
english: B
math: A

eerrgh, biology nya disturbing banget! haha.
yah, ga heran lah,
biology nya susah parah, n i hate science :)

business studies nya jg! aahh, kalo A, i'll get 5 distinctions! -additional bahasa indonesia haha

art n design oke lah... soalnya yg plg tinggi aje si master jalu ktny cm dpt B
emg susah sih bwt dpt high marks in art :(

english: b... yah, alright lah

accounting, agak dissapointed, as i hoped for a* mark. but, it's ok lah. at least i still got an a.

math: a, i was like "really?" my previous math's grade was c, so, it was improving after all :)

yah overall, oke lah, dngn niat belajar gue yg seupil, tiap hari kalo mw igcse slalu bk internet n telfonan sm cherryn;
"udh blajar blm?"
"blm, lo?"
"hahaha, lo nanya gue?"

yah, pokoknya intinya, gue n cher emg MUALESSS bgt haha.
pas wkt udh dibagiin resultsnya n cher jg dpt nilai oke2
"gile, kt bs dpt segini, pdhl kerjanya nelfonan terus tob"
"iyoii, gimana kl kt belajar ya? kyk jope kali nilainya"
"hahaha. iya deh lain kali hahaha"

anyway, congrats to my dearest jope and yo han.
they got 9 DISTINCTIONS, which means 9 As, with some A*s
they're NUTS!

and, congrats to my papih, joshua
he got 7 dis. woooww, i'm so proud of you, dad!

bye n cheers!

Monday, August 10, 2009

igcse results!

9:37 PM 0

moga2 bagus ya Tuhan. AMIN!

love, sartob

Sunday, August 9, 2009

thanks god it's friday!

9:03 PM 0
actually, today is sunday, and the title was describing the restaurant i just went today.

my family n i used to go to this restaurant a lot, when taman ria senayan was still working. unfortunately, because of the roller coaster accident, ppl happened to lost their "appetite" and decided to move to somewhere else (buat nge-gaol)

so here are the foods that we ordered:


mom's - salmon


actually my dad lusting over the ribs they sold here. but, when we came, they have none. dad felt really bad and complained in his style (which doesn't really look like complaining after all), the waiter seemed so kind and generously gave us this, for free!.

awww, looks so yummy, isn't it?
it has almond peanuts, chocolate topping, cherry, caramel and, delicious ice cream!
oh geez, i ate them all, by myself. hihi.

well, sadly, tgif will be closed on december. i don't really know why, but, it's just too bad :(

after that, mom n i went to coffee festival @ wijaya.
and let me introduce: KOPI LUWAK!

so, the salesman told us that it was made from LUWAK'S POO!
i was like
"WHAT? POO? you sure?"
"yes, here, let me show you"
"show me what?"
"the poo"

doesn't look like poo at all, right?

and this is the poo's owner :p

haha, unbelievable right?

this is me and chika trying the new coffee :)
check her awesome blog here

anyway, yesterday i went to play futsal at pro arena with bno (boys night out) and the rest of ggw (girls gone wild) *giggles* the names are just for fun. don't take it offensive :)

such unlucky, i didn't bring my camera, so there's no picture to show. but, cherryn has a lot, check my facebook to see more :)

after that, i went to grand indonesia with my elementary school's friends. it was such a blast! we really do have a lot of fun. we laughed like, all the time, it's because of edo haha. such a funny hairstyle and outfit you had, kiddo. these are the pics :)
next meeting, we should go karaoke fellas! at sency perhaps?

pics to die for:

sartob, adine, dhea, azira, edo, jo

the girls n fountain show!

omg jo! you're such a freak! hahaha.
nice pose beybeh!

with my bff, dhea (i love her ethnic style)

adine :)

watch out zir, there's om2 mesum behind you :p

stb :)