missing those old times

today, i did nothing much in the morning, just watched a couple dvds and get bored :(
oh oh, i had a free stitching lesson in my church. so, i really have nothing to do at home, and my mom told me that i need to find activities immediately. and, i attended the lesson with my mbak, and, it was fun. i really can't wait to make my first blouse :)

ring ring
yeah, who the hell is phoning me right now?
oh crap, i need to answer this now
"jadi jalan gak?"
"hm, i dnt know, gue masih les jait"
"buruan, gue udah mau plg!"
"i dnt know! i really wanna see you, tp, my mom wants to use the car! dan gue masih ngeles!"
"oh, so, how?"
"... alright, meet up at citos"

yeah, it was, the summary of our long discussion on "how,what time, where to meet". and finally i realized, it's becoming SO HARD meeting her. whereas, i used to see her everyday at school. oh gosh, i really missed my old times :(

i met her at citos wearing her new uniform, global jaya's uniform to be exact. ooh yeah, she's not in the same school as mine now :( she looked a bit childish and... i thought her calves were bigger, but, nah, just my thought. her hair was growing either. and, oh, she was getting shorter. or, i'm taller now :p

we chatted at a cafe which i forgot the name, and she ordered a very delicious dark chocolate cake! wow, felt like heaven. and, we chatted, and took pictures, and talked again. and suddenly i felt, oh christ, i miss this! i miss chatting with her at SCHOOL! i miss my friends and everything. the moments when we gathered and gossip around, or, perhaps, when we *bullied* our *sisters*.

lol, funny though. my mom was still in kemang, so we decided to pick a movie to watch. unfortunately, there's nothing to watch, really. we've watched harpot and thought it didn't worth a penny to watch it again. public enemies? not in the mood. disaster movie? oh what is that? not interested :p

so, we walked around the restaurants and stopped by at aksara to buy an asian mag called MY IDOL which posted lee min ho's pics. it costed quite a dollar, but, she was willing to buy. oh damn, they didn't sell that mag.

feeling bored, but still in the mood to take pics, we decided to take a *photobox*, and the result:

"mah, when will you pick me up?"
"hah? tau?"
"gatau deh, masih di kemang nih"
"gaol bener ma, jemput dong"
"ah entar ah"
"aaah, jemput ah, cherryn udah mau pulang nih!"
"iye, ntar an lah"

i bought a beef burget at aw and we took a seat, continued our chatting and, laughed a lot. when we finally get excited talking about cherryn's new crush, ting tong, my mom arrived.

"alrighty cher, ttyl!"
"alright, see you on tuesday! you really will come to glojay, right?"
"i think :) bye!"

so, bye.

oh sorry, this is a pic of my dad eating... something. well, i do really miss him now, i haven't seen him for two days, i think. he was so busy and went home pretty late so, i just posted his pic rather than fooling around thinking about him (like i will?) so, bye. (this is real)



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