the kingdom of boredom

so, yeah, i stuck at my haunted house for this full day.
and, unluckily, i can't sleep and stay up until now.


sangat BOSEN


ok, never mind, let's talk about... something else.

anyway, i suddenly remembered about igcse in the middle of my daydreaming
the result will be posted in august. and, the date will be on 1oth (if i'm not mistaken)
which only has 15 days gap with my birthday.
oh geez, jgn sampe nilai gue jelek, or else, hadiah ultah gue DITARIK!

trus, today, my friends, who went to raffles academy or known as kaplan, entered their new school (which used to be an ora et cafe. lol)
kangen mereka! kangen smua! sebenernya kangen si ndut manish juga sih. yeah, tp, jd sombong tu org mentang2 jd kaplan's dean. yeah, right.

i really owe a thanks to nguping jakarta krn, hr ini gw bs ketawa lepas kyk orang gila gara2 dia. cukup dngn membuka situsnya. baca satu2. perut lo bakal bs kesakitan saking seringnya ketawa. tp gw jadi prihatin, kok org indonesia ada yg bodoh2 nya gak ketolongan ya? hahaha.

gue... speechless.
karena... ga ada topik.

well, it's pretty late already
dan gue ga mau insomnia
harus tidur, tob, harus

okedeh. i apologize for this unimportant post,
lain kali gue bakal cari topik yg lebih bermutu drpd wasting a space like this.
love ya ppl,

ps. if you ppl don't mind, please do me a favor :)
i have quite a long holiday, 3 months to be exact.
so, if you have ANY IDEA what should i be doing in meantime, PLS TELL ME SO!
or, if you have any information about internship thingy, pls also tell me.
(i'm a 15 years old, 16 soon, but has finished my o level, which equivalent to senior high school. i'm not looking for a really specific internship, but, fyi, i'm quite good at accounting. maybe it will help :) tengkies ppl)


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