Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the kingdom of boredom

12:30 AM 2
so, yeah, i stuck at my haunted house for this full day.
and, unluckily, i can't sleep and stay up until now.


sangat BOSEN


ok, never mind, let's talk about... something else.

anyway, i suddenly remembered about igcse in the middle of my daydreaming
the result will be posted in august. and, the date will be on 1oth (if i'm not mistaken)
which only has 15 days gap with my birthday.
oh geez, jgn sampe nilai gue jelek, or else, hadiah ultah gue DITARIK!

trus, today, my friends, who went to raffles academy or known as kaplan, entered their new school (which used to be an ora et cafe. lol)
kangen mereka! kangen smua! sebenernya kangen si ndut manish juga sih. yeah, tp, jd sombong tu org mentang2 jd kaplan's dean. yeah, right.

i really owe a thanks to nguping jakarta krn, hr ini gw bs ketawa lepas kyk orang gila gara2 dia. cukup dngn membuka situsnya. baca satu2. perut lo bakal bs kesakitan saking seringnya ketawa. tp gw jadi prihatin, kok org indonesia ada yg bodoh2 nya gak ketolongan ya? hahaha.

gue... speechless.
karena... ga ada topik.

well, it's pretty late already
dan gue ga mau insomnia
harus tidur, tob, harus

okedeh. i apologize for this unimportant post,
lain kali gue bakal cari topik yg lebih bermutu drpd wasting a space like this.
love ya ppl,

ps. if you ppl don't mind, please do me a favor :)
i have quite a long holiday, 3 months to be exact.
so, if you have ANY IDEA what should i be doing in meantime, PLS TELL ME SO!
or, if you have any information about internship thingy, pls also tell me.
(i'm a 15 years old, 16 soon, but has finished my o level, which equivalent to senior high school. i'm not looking for a really specific internship, but, fyi, i'm quite good at accounting. maybe it will help :) tengkies ppl)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

pictures madness

9:57 PM 4

picture rules.

i won't be talking so much
so, see and have your own thoughts :)

what (bangles)? wooden- bali @15rb
blue n yellow wooden- bali @10rb
the black one- melawai 5rb
pinkies- india (gift from my lovely indian teacher, ms mercy! aw, i miss you so much)

what? batik shoulder pad outer- mom's vintage (lol)
tank top- unbranded
skirt- tailor made
sheer tights, necklace- mom's
shoes- miss candy @ jl. lamandau

fyi, the drawing behind there is mine,which means, i made it :p

what? dress- body n soul jogja (a gift from stephanie :))
belt- mom's
sheer tights- mom's
cap- rusty
shoes- miss candy

what? leopard headband- mine when i was 5 years old
knitted coat- japan/hongkong (forgot)
dress- urban twist @ sency
belt- charles n keith
necklace- melawai
bangles- bali
shoes- miss candy

what? sunglasses, bag- mom's
dress n shoes- citos' bazaar
necklace- melawai

what? jacket, skirt, sunglasses- mom's
belt- melawai
shoes- miss candy
bag n bangles- bali

what? tanktops- mom's n mango
bag, skirt, sunglasses- mom's
high heels- miss candy
bangles- bali


missing those old times

9:15 PM 0
today, i did nothing much in the morning, just watched a couple dvds and get bored :(
oh oh, i had a free stitching lesson in my church. so, i really have nothing to do at home, and my mom told me that i need to find activities immediately. and, i attended the lesson with my mbak, and, it was fun. i really can't wait to make my first blouse :)

ring ring
yeah, who the hell is phoning me right now?
oh crap, i need to answer this now
"jadi jalan gak?"
"hm, i dnt know, gue masih les jait"
"buruan, gue udah mau plg!"
"i dnt know! i really wanna see you, tp, my mom wants to use the car! dan gue masih ngeles!"
"oh, so, how?"
"... alright, meet up at citos"

yeah, it was, the summary of our long discussion on "how,what time, where to meet". and finally i realized, it's becoming SO HARD meeting her. whereas, i used to see her everyday at school. oh gosh, i really missed my old times :(

i met her at citos wearing her new uniform, global jaya's uniform to be exact. ooh yeah, she's not in the same school as mine now :( she looked a bit childish and... i thought her calves were bigger, but, nah, just my thought. her hair was growing either. and, oh, she was getting shorter. or, i'm taller now :p

we chatted at a cafe which i forgot the name, and she ordered a very delicious dark chocolate cake! wow, felt like heaven. and, we chatted, and took pictures, and talked again. and suddenly i felt, oh christ, i miss this! i miss chatting with her at SCHOOL! i miss my friends and everything. the moments when we gathered and gossip around, or, perhaps, when we *bullied* our *sisters*.

lol, funny though. my mom was still in kemang, so we decided to pick a movie to watch. unfortunately, there's nothing to watch, really. we've watched harpot and thought it didn't worth a penny to watch it again. public enemies? not in the mood. disaster movie? oh what is that? not interested :p

so, we walked around the restaurants and stopped by at aksara to buy an asian mag called MY IDOL which posted lee min ho's pics. it costed quite a dollar, but, she was willing to buy. oh damn, they didn't sell that mag.

feeling bored, but still in the mood to take pics, we decided to take a *photobox*, and the result:

"mah, when will you pick me up?"
"hah? tau?"
"gatau deh, masih di kemang nih"
"gaol bener ma, jemput dong"
"ah entar ah"
"aaah, jemput ah, cherryn udah mau pulang nih!"
"iye, ntar an lah"

i bought a beef burget at aw and we took a seat, continued our chatting and, laughed a lot. when we finally get excited talking about cherryn's new crush, ting tong, my mom arrived.

"alrighty cher, ttyl!"
"alright, see you on tuesday! you really will come to glojay, right?"
"i think :) bye!"

so, bye.

oh sorry, this is a pic of my dad eating... something. well, i do really miss him now, i haven't seen him for two days, i think. he was so busy and went home pretty late so, i just posted his pic rather than fooling around thinking about him (like i will?) so, bye. (this is real)


Thursday, July 23, 2009


9:10 AM 0
this post is dedicated to : CHERRYN JEAN!

eeeyy ceeerrr, you knw wht?
after calling you last nite gua jadi kepikiran nih! gw juga jadi sedih kita pisah!
suer, gue kangen bgt masa2 kt bareng...

waktu lo tidur di kelas
waktu kt break brg di kantin
waktu kt lunch brg di cafe n ngancurin bangku2nya hahaha
waktu ... smuanya, aarrrgh,
where does the time go? hiks

friends, i miss you ppl!
i miss you cher, sar, tar, gab, yeng, jas, spen, har, kev, dan
i miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!
i miss my seatmate, ivan and freaky couple, beb n josh
i miss jun n ferdinand
and teachers...
:( :( :(

so, the point is
i wanna rewind the time!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my very own first love

7:51 PM 0
first love...
i believe everyone has their own stories
and, now,
i'm going to tell you, my story

it's not really interesting actually
just a couple sentences which will not amaze you
as i have a pretty standard story, i suppose
but then, i have nothing to write though
so, here it goes...

when i entered elementary school
and i stepped on my second grade a guy has captivated my eyes
and his smile, oh geez
it was the funniest smile i've ever seen
and, oddly, i fell for that

so, this guy was practically perfect
he had a cute face, smart, and popular
and many other young girls did love him
and i was one of them

i liked him
but, i wasn't one of those creepy fans of his
i liked him
but, i didn't stalk him, like what those girls did
i liked him,
i just liked him :p

well, i didn't know exactly how the story starts
but, as far as i remember
i start liking him after he called my name
and joked over it
i was mad indeed
but after i saw him laughing and smiling
which really amused me
i think, i started to like him

there was no love scene happened between us
we just love to make problems
and fight together until people think we were nuts
it was fun actually
but, haha, very childish, don't you think?
well, i thought
every little ones express their loves like that, huh?
fight over something unimportant
and keep finding problems problems problems
to attract their love ones

so, we passed our years by kept fighting
which actually coloured our days
i, honestly, felt something was missing without him
and nothing could replace his presence in my heart
i didn't really know what was controlling my mind
until i realized,
i was madly in love with him

time flies,
another summer day came and another year started
this last year, my 6th year
we spent together being friends
odd it is,
we could laugh like all friends did
though we've been enemies for the last 3 years
as i spoke to him
i fell deeper for him

however, though we became friends,
i must say, this was my toughest year i've ever been
he fell for my best friend
and i couldn't resist saying no to match them up
so, yeah, i helped him getting the girl he liked
i felt kinda hurt actually
but, i was happy as long as he was happy
hahaha, weird, isn't it?
an 11 years old girl could say such thing like that
i fooled myself
when i said i was happy
my heart tickled
it was really tough for me to say
"good luck! get your girl!"
but, hell yeah, i said that

so, i gave him up
i knew, my feeling won't be reached
no jealousy, though
no hard feelings
i just learned how to let go
so, long short,
we stayed as friends in the end
and he didn't know how much i really liked him
i didn't regret not confessing to him, really
but, i just felt
how pathetic my first love was
i pity myself, haha.

yeah, my first love did end like that
and a few tears did drop at my last day seeing him
"nah, i could handle it"
again, i fooled myself
so, there he was,
there "my 4 years crush" was
flied away into the sky
and now, it turns to be a bitter memory...



under renovation

5:41 PM 0


im planning to change my layout to be more ... mature
hahaha, pokoknya jadi lebih... minimalis mungkin?
template gw yg dulu was kinda childish, so i decided to make my own though
tp, krn masih blm tau cara ganti2nya, n msh bnyk blajar lwt google,
beribu-ribu maaf kalo tiba2 pas lo buka blog gw

*&^3ds?2!~!2)_==_=+|\\_\/.,>,2.,esq1!^? j!Y~

jadi, mohon di maklumi, krn saya msh pemula >.<
well, if you have any advices, pls tell me so
thanks a lottttttttt


Friday, July 17, 2009


8:57 PM 0

teroris sinting!
ga punya perasaan!

sedih banget deh
ngeliat orang meninggal
terluka parah
gara-gara 3 bom sialan ini!

tadi, gue liat videonya
pas presiden direktur holcim,
Timothy Mackay
dibawa di tandu, dengan tubuhnya yg penuh luka.
sedih bgt ngeliatnya,
ditambah dgn kabar sementara
udah 9 orang meninggal dunia
menjadi korban kerjaan org biadap ini
hiks hiks, gue turut berduka cita :(

aaarrgghhh, kesel bgt!
kenapa sih bisa ada orang tega ngabisin nyawa orang segitu gampangnya
ngancurin gedung yg udh dibikin susah payah segitu gampangnya
gempar gemporin indonesia, hancurin nama indonesia sampe MU gak jadi main
tega tega tega!

aduh, sampe kehabisan kata2.
well, one thing i must be sure of.
there's another psycho live in this world :(

forgive me

7:55 PM 0
im sow sowwreeeyyy peeps, especially to my loyal readers (if i have one :p)
holiday is here and i kept busy doing stuffs
so......... i forgot to write :(

Q: sibuk ngapain sih? sok sibuk bgt!

A: i have this 3DO thing, and BALI , so, actually, i don't really have much free time

Q: emangnya lu ngapain aja?

A: 3DO, gw harus ngurus details n as a pic, gw hrs tanggung jwb dng :p

Q: kan 3DO udh lewat, akhirnya apa aja yg lo kerjain?

A: yah, you know, stuffs...

Q: gak tau tuh. explain more!

A: yah, males ah jelasinnya, tp, gw punya cerita kocak!

Q: tell me more...

A: wkt di 3do nya sendiri, gw n mandy punya tmn baru, her name is SIKU! ceritanya panjang and a bit scary, tp lucu aja setiap diomongin. n one night, when sarhap n i had slept already, tb2 gw kebangun n ngerasa something's wrong with the cupboard's door. n trnyata, ntep, jiwi, sara, n has yg blm tdr lg ngomongin setan! aaarrrhh, pantesan feeling gw ga enak. terus....

Q: katanya kocak, kok jd serem gini? merinding ah!

A: okok, forget it. sampe mana gue tadi? ohya, gw mau cerita ttg kekeselan gue sama JK! alias MR. Jusuf Kalla.

Q: hah? why?

A: bus gw stuck di puncak selama 6 jam! 2 jam gara2 one way, sisanya gara2 dia lewat!

Q: WHAT? REALLY? 6 hours?

A: yep, boseeenn puarraaaahh, mana gw sakit pula. tp, there's something funny happened!

Q: what?

A: bus l2l n 3do dihampiri TUKANG MOCHI MABOK!


A: pokoknya, intinya dia nyelonong msk bus l2l n maksa jualan mochi, n he intended to do the same with 3do's bus (where i belong) , untungnya ada bbrp "personil" l2l yg lg mampir di 3do sadar akan kedatangan si tukang mochi ini! HUAAAA!!!!! 1 isi bus PANIK SEMUA pas si mas2 ini udh gedor2 pintu bus yg sengaja kt kunci. dia maksa utk ngebuka pintunya, tp kt ga ijinin. SIALNYA, salah satu tmn kt ketinggalan di luar (abs pipis) n mw msk bus. tp, kalo kt buka, ntr si tkg mochi nya jg ikut lagi! dengan gagah berani, IYENG, eh, maksud gue IYENK keluar dan nyuruh tmn kt lari msk ke dlm bus. trs he started to negotiate with him.

Q: negotiate?

A: yah, intinya, si tukang mochi pergi krn iyeng. so, THX TO HIM! IYENK = THE HERO FOR THE DAY!

Q: hahaha. it sounds fun. any other stories?

A: ttg 3do sih... udah....

Q: yg lain, perhaps?

A: hmmmm.... OIYA! KAWAH PUTIH!

Q: hm?

A: 2 hari setelah 3do, gw ke kawah putih brg sodara2!

Q: and?

A: kita foto2 kyk orang gila. hm, lebih tepatnya gue doang sih :p and belanja deh ke rumah mode terakhirnya. hehe

Q: abis kawah putih? kemana?

A:... bsknya gue istirahat di rumah, terus, lusanya.... BALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Q: tell me more, tell me more!

A: got to sleep, bsk aja ya. ceritanya bakal panjang soalnya! BYE! AND CHEERS <3 sartob

Monday, July 6, 2009

reuni :)

8:06 PM 0
before catching up my reunion story,
let me show you some pics from ka tania's wed (resepsinya tapi)

dekornya yg super keren ga gue sia2in bwt foto2 :p
anyway, it's my mom in the left side

i actually don't know whose kid is this,
tp, i really heart his funky hairstyle and
decided to take a pic of him :)
isn't he lovely?

here comes the bride and groom :)

so energetic, aren't they?

me and my super cousin, stephanie :)
*what a tiring day we had, right ntep?

well, kalo lo perhatiin,
bedanya jauh bgt ya sama yg adat punya hahaha.
lebih kliatan high class hehe.

so, let's get back to the topic, ppl
so, here's the pics
see and enjoy :p

with the boys, hoola!

owen, edo, edrea, s**, dhea
(don't get confused, s** means sartob)

kevin c. with me n dhea fooling around with those "glow in the dark" bracelets

hanzi= ooonzziiii

with mitzeelll, i forgot how to spell your name, so sorry :(

with super sheila, ms. spore

big family :)


that's the end of the slide show, and now
mari kuceritakan kisah reuni ku :)

hm, awalnya gw, dhea, n edrea (we need a spotlight! :p) hrs menyapu n mengepel ruangan,
dimana, lantainya, kotor bgt! parah! n sampah dimana2!
start from tissue, sampe bungkus taro -.-

tp, perasaan capek yg kita rasain ga kerasa berat krn kt tanggung bareng2
well, corry, edo, caroline, etc did help us too kok,
and in just a blink, *cling -pake sound effect ceritanya
yg tdnya gudang, jd bs dipake bwt tempat reunian!
canggih ga tuh?

trs, acaranya?
yah, bs dibilang, jauh dr rencana.
gamesnya oke sih bs dibilang jalan
makan2nya, yah okelah...
trs, kt jg ada pesan2 n kesan2 dr guru yg bs dibilang nostalgic
trs foto session which i really love <3>
trs liat foto2 lama yg tdnya gak sukses gara2 infocus eek.
trs, quiz yg ... yah okelah
n trakhir plg garing tp seru, jurit malem
kt bagiin lilin trs bagi ke dlm kelompok
trs pisah deh agak ngaco emang,
n kt teriaknya pada heboh
tp, heey, seru!

n we just realized that, there was a meeting going on!
oh shit

trs, krn makananya kelebihan gw, dhea, tj
bagiin bbrp sisanya ke ank2 jalanan di sekitar deplu,
while olin brought the rest trs dibagiin jg di sekitar rmhnya
n, dhea sleepover di rmh gue! yippei!
gatau knp, but i felt so damn happeeyyy!!!!!!!
*yah pokoknya yg ga dtg NYESEL! suer deh.
makanya, jgn suka jaim2 n sok males2an
-dedicated to j****, e***, r** b***
we've blacklisted you ppl :(

extra snapshots:

rapat terakhir reuni


this is pretty random : my dad
(merasa bersalah, ga pernah pasang foto beliau :( - tp sekali pasang, pilih yg aib! hihi )
(oiya, this is for you cla! i knw you like him so much, don't u?
and oh, pls stop calling him ganteng, coz it really freaks me out!)


and the braid my mbak made :p

i need to keep this short,
krn msh ada crita2 lain yg i must/need/have to tell you,
so, good bye for now!