reely, i don't know what to say

aargh, bener2 lagi pusing berat!
3 hari berturut2 ini, igcse nya lg susah parah
hari senen, accounting paper 3! which is equivalent to hell
i had to memorize those sinting accounting terms, policies, and friends
dan pinternya, BALANCE SHEET GA KLUAR!
padahal gue suka hiks

hari selasa, economics paper 3 (used to be called paper6)
for those who might not understand what the hell it is,
i suggest you to NOT ever think to find out
karena it will stress you out and drive you nuts!
an increase in aggregate demand (AD) resulted to;
a higher standar of living, falls in unemployment, and higher economic growth
AD: C + G + I + (X - M)

hell yeah, shit happens.

hari rabu = besok, business paper 2 (...)
heh, gue malessss banjets belajar.
soalnya bener2 ttg daily life gt
jadi bisa ngasal bergembira :) hihi

dan, the hardest test of the week will goes to
hari jumat, paper 1,
sebenernya cuma multiple choice sih
bisa cap cip cup
tappiiiii, jgn disepelekan
krn, susahnya... kayak... ... ....
haduh, sampe ga bisa dijelaskan lagi

well, anyway, i want to thank my friend, audrey
for vectoring my pic

masih inget kan foto:

kecil aja deh, soalnya muka gue memalukan :p

dan ini lah, editan si audrey, si jago vector :)

dan, sebelumnya, dia pernah vector-in foto gw,
it's been ages sih,
tapi, bagusss loh! hehe

to see other projects from her
click here

got to go everyone,


audrey zefangya said…
hmpppf sartob, malu bgt :| btw thankss tob
haha, knp hrs malu? haha. sama2. thx jg udh dibikinin hehe
Miss T said…
adorable. :)
love your blog dear.

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