a message to my beloved friends

time has passed by really quickly, and before we knew it, the day has arrived.
these 4 years were such a short period of time, however the days we spent together will be an irreplaceable memory for all of us...

first year.
we met each other for the first time.
orientation days were pretty much fun.
we played a lot and got to know each other better.
a week passed and class has begun.

adapt, is a very common word to say
well, we did get along
but, being adapted in a new environment
was quite hard for some of us
yes, we came from different schools
different life styles
different languages, perhaps
as some of us spoke outlandish english
with weird different accents
but therefore, we learned everything
from the very beginning,

first year might felt kinda awkward
but as time goes on,
we finally understood each other
and, we made friends!

some of us had a couple of new best friends
and formed a group
some of us felt that we have met our soulmates
but then, we finally realized it was only a thought
some of us made a few friends
and a few enemies either
some of was so busy studying, been so zealous
and didn't give a damn on friendship thingy
some of us did laugh, cry, smile, and experience the most incredible thing
in our lifetimes,
as some of us met our loves
in a very romantic way :)

second year.
a new year for us
a new day, a new class, new friends
two classes were being formed
2a, which is known as the smarty-ass class
while 2b, a class whose famous as stupid, ninny class

i was a part of 2b,
at first, i felt that i was being humiliated
i got so mad and sad as my two best friends
left me and went to different class

and again, time passed...
i finally realized
this year was the best year i've ever had
the best class i've ever been
the best people i've ever known
and i'm proud to be in 2b

play and play
it was the only thing came through our brains
this was the time, when we felt so free
we had good times
been so naughty in class
no burden limit our days
no thinking of exams
just... fun

there were so many good friends after all,
though we made many problems, mistakes,
and sometimes, they're huge
and detentions were being made
parents were being called
and further actions were being taken
(yeah, we were trouble-makers)
we don't felt regret making any of them
as we would have learned how to make things right
and we learned to be a grown-up

third year.
another tough year.
it's time for us to be more focus
igcse exam is waiting ahead us
and full concentration is needed

decision was being made
either we choose business or science stream
we followed our own pathways
and third year began

i went to a business class
there were a bunch students,
went to the same class as me
new people kept coming
new members in our community
we felt very glad to know it
but, new problems appeared
as these people showed up

there were these guys
let's say, they named A and B
they were friendly and nice, i must say
nonetheless, they kept bringing problems
which are never ended.

A and B played many girls' hearts
and some of us, had fights over them
but another bliss time came
we has finally understood
that friendship was way much important
than fighting over a lust

our friendships had tighten
we felt everyday was precious
every moments dazzled our very own eyes
friends and school has became a part of our life
and personally, i felt that
school has become my second home
a place, where you feel comfortable being there
a place, where you could meet someone important
a place, which could change your life

fourth year.
last year for each one of us to be together
igcse is coming right away
and classes had been more strict
however, oddly enough,
we've been much closer
and friend, is the only thing i might think of
i felt afraid losing any of them
though problems tried to break us apart
we were strong enough
to stand up, and together we united

in just a blink, everything's finally over
we made through exams, night classes, and everything
and, suddenly
graduation day has arrived
and... prom...

yeah, everything seems pass so fast
whereas, i felt my first year in raffles
just passed yesterday
this is the time for us
to continue our journey
as future awaits ahead us.

this is might be the end of our high school year
but, not the end of our friendships
though some of us will go to different schools, or countries
our hearts will be one
and we'll be friends forever and ever

well, one important thing i have learned from this school
is like a plant
when you take care of it,
everyday, you water it
it will grow and bloom to be a very beautiful flower
i will give such a rich odour
which could simply blown your mind away
but, if you neglect it
they will not grow, and die
give you nothing
than a wilt leaf
friend is like a plant
when you spend most of your time with them
you'll get closer and build a very strong relationship
but if you slowly left them
then, your relationship will slowly disappear
friendship is something that you must hold on tight
never leave them so they'll never leave you

what does a friend mean anyway?
friend is there when you're down and troubled
and there to cheer you up when you're sad
or calm you down when you get so furious
or give you a warm embrace when you feel lost
a friend will understand you
and accept you for the way you are

i observed,
there's no such a perfect friend like that
but a good friend, will try her/his best to be perfect
and, these people i've known
are already perfect in my eyes
friends in raffles are very precious to me
they're like my very own diamonds
i love you people,
i just love you :)

well, goodbye my friends
and see you in the future :)))

with tonnes of loves;

(sorry for a bad grammar and limited vocab, pls remind me if i made any mistakes :))


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