what a weird day

today was a superb yet idiotic day. it just went crazy.

what happened to me (and cherryn);

1. i discovered that we both wore the mexico's underwear, accidentally!

2. we went to pim to watch night at the museum 2 (until this stage, everything goes perfectly well-planned)

3. we ate in sogo-food hall and met didi petet, regrettably, i didn't get any chance taking pic with him :(

4. i was thrilled to see my mom's new gorgeous bag. she just bought a snake-skin custom made one, and the colour was freaking awesome!

5. we ate (again) this fried duck which tastes more salty than it used to be. and the sambel (=chili) was friggin HOT! repeat HOT!

6. on the way home, we stopped by at superindo to buy the ingredients for pudding (my mom intended to make one for us, where gaby n sara are going to "study" at my house :) ).

7. we sneaked out to buy some dvds. so we found this unique looking dvd, and guess what? it was such a dreadful nude one. we felt so awkward when the sex scene appeared. we kept asking the mbak to turn off the damn dvd, but she was too busy to notice us. so...

8. my mom felt so exhausted after a long day out and got indignant as the gear didn't work. she was unable to set it reverse, and, lucky us! we were asked to PUSH the car.

9. at home, we made coffees and whipped cream for the topping. it supposedly to look luscious, nonetheless, it looked disgusting like shit.

10. as i got lazy, i finished it messily, and i got chocolates all over my lips, see pic for detail :p

11. cherryn suddenly got inspired, she dragged me to my room, and quickly drew a geisha's lips and added some other stuffs too. to take revenge, i discreetly put her on some make up too. it was indescribable, just see the pics.

isn't it hilarious?

12. we posted everything in this blog and now, we're going to sleep!


*STb and Cher


Anonymous said…
bahaha gila sehari kejadiannya banyak amat :p lo yang kacamata atau nggak, sar?
sartob said…
haha emang :)
iya, gue yg pake kacamata bel :)
amel said…
lutchuu bangeett postnyaa hohohohoho. unik banget deh sar. Good job! Ditunggu lg ya post unik2 yg lainnya. Hihihihihihi............

"jadi terinspirasi bikin blog neeh... Nanti klo udh jadi, visit ya!"

sartob said…
thx amel :)
tentunya dong, nanti ksh tw aja ya kalo udh bikin hehe :)

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