so stoopid :p

joshua emang bener2 edan,
after i read his thread in kaskus, i did laughed a looottt.
padahal, hr ini gue lagi membete ria di rumah :(

well, gue mau men-share kan ke lo smua, biar ikut ketawa :D

tanpa disengaja, tmn gue yg aneh ini lg denger lagu hitsnya "KUBURAN"
band kece yg lagi nge-in banget di indo
tapi jgn kira mereka itu bener2 "bagus"
their songs are ridiculous. especially this one,
which called

aduuh, if you see their clip, you're going to say exactly like this;
"what the hell, f**k! wth, wtf" and keep repeating those words
well, it's true guys, they're just too hilarious and annoying, i must say :p

well, to those who might not understand their lyrics, let me translate it for you;

lupa lupa lupa lupa lupa lagi syairnya
forget 5x again the lyrics (OK, THE TRANSLATION WAS DAMN FUNNY)

ingat ingat ingat ingat cuma ingat kuncinya
remember 4x only remember the chord

c a minor d minor ke g ke c lagi
c a minor d minor to g to c again

and start all over again.

and, joshua found hidden fact about this song,
katanya kalo lo perhatiin, kira-kira di detik ke 2:43, pas oknum X nunjukin buku putih yg ada gambar DEMI MOOREnya, the reff lyrics changed into this;

c a minor DEMI MOORE KECE ke c lagi

oooohhh maiiii gaaaattttttt,
suer, this is so.... what can i say,
stoopid, or else?
tp yg jelas, it tickles every particles inside my stomach.
kocak abiiissssssss,

buat yg blom liat videonya, check this out:

guys, pls share semua comment lo ya :)
i wanna hear from you people :D

(thanks to: my deary joshua)



Anonymous said…
hahahahah..... iya iya yahh... lucuuu bgd sich!!! padahal tdnya g ga perhatiin..... hahaha. soo funny :-DD. blognya lucu deechh..

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