i'm sorry mom :(

yes, boredom has haunted my day,
i need to stay at my house without any intention of doing something.
so, instead of trying to kill myself with a bunch of revision books around me
i'd rather write this to you people :)

i actually have a confession to tell;

i've been wrecking my mom's stuffs recently
she's gonna be awfully mad if she found out that i've ripped her jeans off
and cut her shawl into tiny pieces
well, i'm supposed to keep this as my own secret
but, hell yeah, i published it innocently
and wishing that my mom wouldn't read

these are couples pics of mine wearing my mom's stuffs
i hope you don't mind, mom :)

retro way

all- mom's; except for the scarf, shoes, and skirt

mom's, except -> bangles n shoes
the top is lacey and has a transparent back
i'm so in love with it :)
"can i have it, mom?"

this pic is eminently embarrassing in some ways
the red hot lipstick is quite unacceptable
but, who cares anyway?
fyi, they're all mine :)


the tanktop's pattern is gorgeous
it's actually a gymnastic outfit :p

none of these is mom's,
oh, the bag used to be hers but it's mine now :)

ready to work

mom's, except-> bag, bracelet, and shoes
this is a set of an ordinary work outfit

fyi, this pic (and below) has just taken yesterday,
pls excuse my bad hair day n tiring face :)

all mom's :(
our shoes' sizes are not the same,
hers is 37 and mine is 40,
that's why the shoes didn't fit (take a closer look, the pic tells it all)

mom's,except -> shoes

sorry for exposing my new phone,
i'm just getting too excited :)

mom's (ARGH!),except-> blouse

oh guys, pls ignore my face
pls pls pls i beg you :)

have a pretty day!



koleksi nykp lu bgs2 bgt, haha. my mom is a really classic woman, so not my style, huhu. anyway, nice blog
sartob said…
hahaha, iya nih, makanya suka gue colong dr lemari :p
tengs frebrina utami putri,
i'll call u febri for short ya :)

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