a huge fans

ooh, anyway,
i just signed up for being a huge fans of elizabeth wahyu and tasha d!

they both are accessories' designers
and their collections are truly beautiful

however, elz's are quite cheaper and wearable
while, tash's are more ethnic
and i'm just not brave enough to use them
in everyday's life.
but the good thing is,
hers are unique, indeed
and you won't see other ppl
wearing the same one like yours

click here for more info
or, type "elizabeth wahyu" in facebook's search
or, visit her offline store:
jl. kemang selatan VII no 51b, jak-sel, indonesia
(lebih komplit :p)

click here for more info
or, visit her offline store:
jl. kemang selatan VIII no 22 unit F, jak-sel,indonesia
(storenya keren ;))

do check them asap!

oh, btw, i got this cute bracelet from tasha d,
and the price is cheap, i think
i got it on discount!
(IDR 80,ooo)

bye and sleep tight!


hmm catetin dulu aja semua html gadgetnya kali yaa.. hehe :D

wah gapapa kok, justru karena kamu aku jadi semanget buat ganti layout! (rencana dari jaman kapan tau!)
malah aku mestinya makasih deh kayaknya hehe :P
sartob said…
ooh gitu ya , wes, ribet dong ya haha.

oh okeoke. hihi. jadi malu :)

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