evita nuh is a genius

setelah gila nge-blogwalking,
gue terpana sama blog yg 1 ini


her name is evita nuh
and she's 10 years old
i repeat, TEN! and i mean it!

she has a good taste in fashion
and speaks english fluently;
(much much much better than me :( )
her photographs are amazing
and she's pretty much talented
oh God, she's such a genius!

this one is my fav;
i just adore her so much!

go and check her blog NOW!



semuasayanganna said…

umurnya baru 10 tahun. haduuuuh.. i adore her too :)
sartob said…
iya, gak nyangka ya umurnya cuma 10 tahun hehe

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