Thursday, May 28, 2009

a huge fans

11:49 PM 2
ooh, anyway,
i just signed up for being a huge fans of elizabeth wahyu and tasha d!

they both are accessories' designers
and their collections are truly beautiful

however, elz's are quite cheaper and wearable
while, tash's are more ethnic
and i'm just not brave enough to use them
in everyday's life.
but the good thing is,
hers are unique, indeed
and you won't see other ppl
wearing the same one like yours

click here for more info
or, type "elizabeth wahyu" in facebook's search
or, visit her offline store:
jl. kemang selatan VII no 51b, jak-sel, indonesia
(lebih komplit :p)

click here for more info
or, visit her offline store:
jl. kemang selatan VIII no 22 unit F, jak-sel,indonesia
(storenya keren ;))

do check them asap!

oh, btw, i got this cute bracelet from tasha d,
and the price is cheap, i think
i got it on discount!
(IDR 80,ooo)

bye and sleep tight!

evita nuh is a genius

11:38 PM 2
setelah gila nge-blogwalking,
gue terpana sama blog yg 1 ini

her name is evita nuh
and she's 10 years old
i repeat, TEN! and i mean it!

she has a good taste in fashion
and speaks english fluently;
(much much much better than me :( )
her photographs are amazing
and she's pretty much talented
oh God, she's such a genius!

this one is my fav;
i just adore her so much!

go and check her blog NOW!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

roti boy n stuffs

9:54 PM 3
hari ini....... gue sendiri ga ngerti hari ini gue ngapain :p
sebenernya sih pagi2 berencana mau "belajar", tp you know lah, gw dan cherryn (nginep ceritanya) ended up bermain2 gila gak karuan.

dimulai dari suatu pagi yg cerah, kt malah nonton "my little bride", film korea lucu bgt n wajib nonton bagi lo penyuka film korea, drama, and comedy haha :)

terus, berlanjut ke bikin kue!
nyokap gue sangat berantusias membuatkan anak dan teman2nya kue, jadi dia bikin roti boy! (bukan kue dong namanya :p) gue n cher ngebantu2 ngaduk2 dikit, sampe si kunyuk gaby dateng, kita belajar deh (beneran belajar kok, hehe)

setelah belajar,
kita makan2! hehehe.

oya, tiba2 si gaby menemukan "matching tai lalat!" haha

this is mine

after a while, we discovered that gaby has a pair too :)

udah gt, we had another make up session, and this one was gaby's time. pertamanya susaaahhhhh bgt cari aib si bule satu ini. soalnya cantik bgt sih! diapa2in tetep aja cantik dan ga ada aibnya sama skali haha. tapi, akhirnya berhasil jg, dngan make up keren and angle yg pas. kita mendapati aib gaby (tp ga bisa gw post disini, she'll be very mad if she finds out haha)

sekian deh. bye everyone :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

what a weird day

10:12 PM 4
today was a superb yet idiotic day. it just went crazy.

what happened to me (and cherryn);

1. i discovered that we both wore the mexico's underwear, accidentally!

2. we went to pim to watch night at the museum 2 (until this stage, everything goes perfectly well-planned)

3. we ate in sogo-food hall and met didi petet, regrettably, i didn't get any chance taking pic with him :(

4. i was thrilled to see my mom's new gorgeous bag. she just bought a snake-skin custom made one, and the colour was freaking awesome!

5. we ate (again) this fried duck which tastes more salty than it used to be. and the sambel (=chili) was friggin HOT! repeat HOT!

6. on the way home, we stopped by at superindo to buy the ingredients for pudding (my mom intended to make one for us, where gaby n sara are going to "study" at my house :) ).

7. we sneaked out to buy some dvds. so we found this unique looking dvd, and guess what? it was such a dreadful nude one. we felt so awkward when the sex scene appeared. we kept asking the mbak to turn off the damn dvd, but she was too busy to notice us. so...

8. my mom felt so exhausted after a long day out and got indignant as the gear didn't work. she was unable to set it reverse, and, lucky us! we were asked to PUSH the car.

9. at home, we made coffees and whipped cream for the topping. it supposedly to look luscious, nonetheless, it looked disgusting like shit.

10. as i got lazy, i finished it messily, and i got chocolates all over my lips, see pic for detail :p

11. cherryn suddenly got inspired, she dragged me to my room, and quickly drew a geisha's lips and added some other stuffs too. to take revenge, i discreetly put her on some make up too. it was indescribable, just see the pics.

isn't it hilarious?

12. we posted everything in this blog and now, we're going to sleep!


*STb and Cher

mexico's underwear

9:45 PM 0
the title might get you confused, but guys, don't get your imagination wild,
i just wanted to tell you that i just got presents from my besties, gaby

she went to mexico last month, and bought three same underwears for me, cherryn, and herself. quite funny, huh?

and she also gave me a pretty cute doll, however it was quite scary, i must say.

well, i just took this pic yesterday;
(fyi, it was a christmas underwear, lol)


Monday, May 25, 2009

im so deeply in love with cotton ink

9:24 PM 0
aduuuuhhh Tuhaaann, gila, gue ngefans abis sama yg namanya
kaosnya ya ampuuuunnn, simple tapi lucu
terus shawl nya! astagaa, rasanya gue mau pingsan (lebay mode: on)

gue jatuh cinta berat sama :

ABSOLUTE CROP!!! AAAAAAAAA, lucuuuu bgggttt!!!!!
harganya cm IDR 109.000 lagi! tapi, sayang bgt, gw lg ga ada duit, nabung dulu deh :p (cotton ink, simpenin satu ya yg garis2 hehe)

yg ini jg gak kalah lucu :) ABSOLUTE BOXY; IDR 119.000
(sorry gambarnya seupil2, soalnya ga muat)

oh Tuhan, cobaan apalagi yg engkau berikan padaku :(
INI LUCU ABISSSS!!! and it only cost IDR 65.000
tp, cuma ada 3 shawls n pasti gue udah keabisan
mana duit belum memadai lagi
aaahhh, buruan gajian! haha :)

and dari semua jenis shawl (selain yg diatas, itu most fav lah)
gue paling suka yg ini:

The Fringe Tubular Shawl; which cost IDR 65.000
i want the bright yellow colour so badly, hiks :(
someone, pls get me one for free! (just joking :p)

dan, saking jatuh cintanya
gw udah menvisualisasikan, gue memakai baju2 di sbuah gmbar.
dan inilah jadinya :
(sorry, gambarnya jelek, bukan pro) bisa dipake di dua musim,
winter, either summer,
(tapi ingat, sisain gue satu! awas loh)


Sunday, May 24, 2009

fast review

11:26 PM 0
thanks to
i got lots of inspirational pics :) - Designer Spotlight: Rodebjer - Your Independent Fashion and Style Source

designer: Carin Rodebjer
label: Rodebjer

"i'm so deadly in love with the second pic. i just love the perfect combination of crop shirt, metallic legging and boots" - Sculptured Body - Your Independent Fashion and Style Source

designer: Stella Lee
label: Linus

"oh god, i couldn't resist wanting those so much"

designer: Chrissie Miller and Madeleine von Froomer
label: Sophomore
read more: here

"buttons and zippers everywhere!"


Saturday, May 23, 2009

new invention

9:59 PM 0
thx to diana. gue menemukan spatu asli indo yang keren abiiissss,
nama brand nya kulkith and her shoes are... so adorable,
here are some of her collections;

udah keren, harganya affordable pula (IDR 190,000- dalam promosi)
bener2 bikin takjub and bangga bgt pas tau kalo produk indo ga kalah keren sama punya luar.

terutama, gw thankful banget sama agnes tandia -behind the scene person
udah mencetuskan idenya dalam sebuah masterpiece kayak gini. aduh, ga sabar pingin beliii...

penasaran pengen beli juga?
add her fb on JUST KULKITH or click here
add her ym on agnes_tandia
call her on 085659235272 or 022 92905568


i'm sorry mom :(

1:48 PM 2
yes, boredom has haunted my day,
i need to stay at my house without any intention of doing something.
so, instead of trying to kill myself with a bunch of revision books around me
i'd rather write this to you people :)

i actually have a confession to tell;

i've been wrecking my mom's stuffs recently
she's gonna be awfully mad if she found out that i've ripped her jeans off
and cut her shawl into tiny pieces
well, i'm supposed to keep this as my own secret
but, hell yeah, i published it innocently
and wishing that my mom wouldn't read

these are couples pics of mine wearing my mom's stuffs
i hope you don't mind, mom :)

retro way

all- mom's; except for the scarf, shoes, and skirt

mom's, except -> bangles n shoes
the top is lacey and has a transparent back
i'm so in love with it :)
"can i have it, mom?"

this pic is eminently embarrassing in some ways
the red hot lipstick is quite unacceptable
but, who cares anyway?
fyi, they're all mine :)


the tanktop's pattern is gorgeous
it's actually a gymnastic outfit :p

none of these is mom's,
oh, the bag used to be hers but it's mine now :)

ready to work

mom's, except-> bag, bracelet, and shoes
this is a set of an ordinary work outfit

fyi, this pic (and below) has just taken yesterday,
pls excuse my bad hair day n tiring face :)

all mom's :(
our shoes' sizes are not the same,
hers is 37 and mine is 40,
that's why the shoes didn't fit (take a closer look, the pic tells it all)

mom's,except -> shoes

sorry for exposing my new phone,
i'm just getting too excited :)

mom's (ARGH!),except-> blouse

oh guys, pls ignore my face
pls pls pls i beg you :)

have a pretty day!