ordinary day

today's english speaking test was superb! thx to mr malcolm!

art's igcse exam done quite well.

report card was fine.

gue, ngiri abis sama blogger named heidy. her clothes are adorable, tp she got them with cheap prices. iiihh, enak bgt! gue jg pngen!

check her blog, here.

ooh, anyway, i started to love adam lambert niih! he has a beautiful and unique voice. suaranya juga tinggi abis. though, he looks kinda gay tp he has such a talent.

(sweet smile, huh?)

walopun adam lambert ok, no one could replace my kris allen. suaranya sih standard tp his charisma itu ga nahan. he performs his very best in every show, sebenrnya biar buat istri bangga gitu. hahaha. ngiri deh sama istrinyaa!

(cute, and he's absolutely mine :p)

i was thinking about someone, lately. duh, he already got a girlfriend! gotta rid his image from my mind!



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