Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm not a smoker, but why do I look like one?

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Random title.
Random post.
Random smile :)

So, what's up peeps?
Today's the last day of the year! Aren't you excited? So tell me, what is your plan for tonight?

+ church :)
+ meet cousins at opung's house
+ get drunk wif some baileys, wine n beer (very very stupid)
+ fireworks, probably?
+ play hotel 6 to 6 at 00.00

What a pathetic new year's eve huh? Well, I do envy ANDRE n ABEL coz they jst arrived at puncak to celebrate nye with my other cousins (from dad's side)

I miss them like friggin crazy! I haven't met them since... Hm, last year! Especially ICA who has gone to bandung for her uni, I barely talk to her. ARNOLD too! I talked to CINDY a lot and met a couple times along this year. But I still miss her stupid narcissism. Oh I wish I could use a private jet and fly through traffic n jump over the pool they have in the villa. Wuo, that would be awesome :p

P.S. Currently in love with my ninny candy nail polish. I decorated it myself!

Cheers peeps (Y)
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

shining inheritance

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did i told you that i've been watching a korean series nowadays?
not nowadays actually, it was exactly 2 days ago. the movie called shining inheritance. well, i think most of korean drama fans out there found this movie very familiar.
guess what, i finished this series in only 3 days. there're 28 episodes and i must say it was a bit too long. however, i enjoy the stories and the casts played really well.

i'm a bit sad though, i just heard from my maid that this movie has been plagiarized by sinemArt. it turns out to be a new sinetron called kejora dan bintang. when i read the summary, i was like "eerrr, wtf?" this is seriously humiliating. can indonesian pls stop stealing people's ideas? it's annoying

oh well, never mind then. let me just post my favourite pics from shining inheritance:

he's the lead actor, lee seung ki, but i'm sorry dear guy, your smile disturbs me. i prefer your cold looking eyes with the arrogant look i love. i also heart his heart-breaking voice. oh, and anyway, his face was such a combination between rain and ron weasley/ rupert grint from harry potter. quite weird, but me likey!


Saturday, December 26, 2009


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MERRY belated CHRISTMAS people!!!

I knw it's a day late, I was so busy yesterday, drove opung to church in the early morning n then visit both of opungs' places. I was friggin' tired as I became mom n dad's private driver and the distance was freaking hundred miles away (lebay sih tp it's truly far).

So and so, yesterday I borrowed this cool korean serial called "shining inheritance". The story was pretty nice n touching. I spent like the whole night (or should I call morning, coz I watched it from 11pm-5am) to watch this series. I think I'm going to continue the rest today.

Idk, but I felt like sleeping the whole day. I'm very very very lazy to do anything. Maybe it's because the PMS which literally worsen my day. Errgh, I'm sorry dear cherryn n gaby, you guys don't knw how lazy I am now. Zzzz. Hope you guys enjoy the movie :p

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Me nowadays

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The first two pics above are me n cherryn. It's been a month since we last met n finally crashed pim yesterday.

Oddly, it felt like we've met everyday. We didn't miss each other. Yeah, it's maybe because, we talk through phone calls like EVERYDAY. She's like a soulmate which I can't escape from.

Oh well, anyway the rest of the pics show me having a little christmas celebration at my friend's restaurant, black cat. And, it was an awesome night. We had a chance to sing a couple christmas songs, and though some were awful but we enjoyed the rest of the night. Thanks to maggie, brenda, and CHIKA who made my day :)


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

welcome myself (again)

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oh God, finally, here i come back to this blog world,
it's been, well, months, almost a year since i last wrote a post here
not to mention lacking of maintenance here and there
woa, what a reckless blogger i am.

so, what changed my mind?
you know, college gave me a lot of stress with its assignments and tests.
and i was buried with my blackberry which didn't allow me to even open my computer
it was pretty shocking though, i could now have the spirit back to write.
hm, actually, i've been missing writing with my old keyboard here,
and i decided to let a few pics uploaded to keep this bloggie updated.

so, as you may see, there're a few pics of mine which confused my choice for tomorrow's christmas eve celebration. well, let's not discuss that, i'm pretty much tired talking about clothes. you know what, i spent like 12 hours (or more) looking for mom's present yesterday. OH YEAH! today's mom's big day! she's now turning to 48, some added wrinkles in her face might hurt but at least she's growing up, huh?

oyea, talking about clothes, my shop has sold most of the stuffs and preparing for the second chapter. i (and dhea) are newbies and do ask for assistance from any professional. so, may i have any of your contact number or msn or any else so i could just talk and ask a few questions? i mean, let's just exchange our experiences, it would be fun! and do open my online shop blog: LABEL or add us in facebook:, i'm open to any comments, so feel free to write me something :)

well, i want to talk more more more
but, forget it. let's just enjoy the pics :p

top, blue bando & necklace- forever 21, skirties- ciel, lacey legging- LABEL , zipper heels- charles n keith

top- bebe, skirt- her room, butterfly black heels- oops forget!

lacey jacket- LABEL (order), skirties- her room

tweet me: @sartob

Saturday, October 24, 2009

LABEL clothing line

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what is LABEL?

it's a brand which made by amateurs who wants to share their hobbies into the business world.

who are the amateurs?

Sara Josephine and Dhea Suseno who have been friends since elementary.

what are the products?

we haven't diversified in any types of fashion products. we literally focus on clothes only.

anyway, it's just a brief introduction for you guys to know us a little bit better. we'll inform the detail as soon as possible.

here's a little sneak peek for our products.
enjoy :)

browse or click here
for updates and more pictures!

cheers, sartob :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monash life

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First of all, this post is about my "curhat" or storytell which could bore you. Do skip it if you're not interested :) (ps. Dear my 10beloved friends, this is wht I'm feeling now. I miss you guys badly)

It's been 2 days I started my education at monash, oddly, it feels like a week passed already. We got along each other in class and surely I had lots of great new friends. Yeah, I must say (not to be racist) I'm the only pribumi kid in class. But they seem so nice n blend with me easily. I really do thank God for giving me such wonderful friends.

Well, I know I just continued my life. But,in the middle of the day, suddenly I had a memory flashback. A real quick one actually. I remembered when I used to hang out with my gang (not a gang- gangster, I should describe them as my best friends literally) and where we used to sit in the canteen, laugh crazily, chatting and gossiping about our "adek" (juniors). I just thought, I wish I could have something like that here. Or, I could just return the time.

Oh my my, where does the time go really? Yesterday was high school and tomorrow I'm gonna be in college. It just ran so fast.

It's a dilemma.

Or I perhaps miss my ppl.
Oh, I sure do.

Sartob (@sartob)

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comic maniac

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Yes I am.
Well, I was actually.
I started to love comics since grade 5. A friend of mine lent me her nakayoshi and I was insanely in love with it.
So, I started to collect comics since then. I had almost a hundred comics back then. Unfortunately, I lost lots of them because of irresponsible borrower and eaten by rayap (termite). And now I'm just collecting my fav's artists' (as the price is getting madly expensive). And I have like, well, 200 perhaps?

And, what happened was...
My cousin told me that there was this book bazaar located in the back of my church. And he told me that the price was 1000/ piece. I was like, freaking out, screaming with unbelievable eyes. It was written nicely there "1000/komik" and in a blink I grabbed most of them enthusiastically. When I hold a bunch of comics in my hand, I felt so damn good. Ecstatic. And, yes, I bought 31 pieces.

Not satisfied.
I remembered the cashier guy told me that they sold more in istora. So I told my mom and rushed, wishing there's something left. And yeay! I got 22 more pieces to complete my day. It felt so great. Indescribable, I must say. Too good to explain. Lol.

So, here're some photos of them. Enjoy!

Cheers and other thousands cheers,
Sartob! Wooohhoooooooo :DDD

Ps. Special thanks to
Stephanie and Astrid :)
Thx for helping me out
Oh, and hiding it from my mom :p

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So, I just heard tht I actually could post through email by using smartphone. And, this is just a testing, I guess. Hm, I wish I could post a pic too. Let me try. Well, if the pic shows. It's a batik jeans :) cute, huh?
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Friday, October 16, 2009

tarphrodite tomorrow. anyone coming?

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this is gonna be a quick one.
well first of all, i feel like i've been missing ages since my last post, padahal, it's been two days only haha. or three days, huh?

what's the news?

hm, nothing much actually, but i just feel i wanna write.
ooh, well, i think i should tell you guys this.
i'm planning to open a shop now.
well, it's kinda like an online shop, but, i'm still thinking about it as you knw, there're millions other online shops out there.
it'll be hard for me to compete with them :(
still thinking though, i'm not pretty sure what i'm gonna do.
well, i actually have the stuffs now,
so i can sell them anytime.
i'm gonna post them here,
just pls be patient and keep checking, kay dear?

ooh, and, i should've said this before.
the shop i'm making is a collaboration with a best friend of mine since primary.
her name is dhea.
i think i've mentioned her a couple times here,
and probably you might forget so i'll just post her pic soon then :)

it's getting late and i have an event to attend tomorrow.
it's tarphrodite.
check for further information.
if you guys are coming, hm, see you tomorrow!


oh ps.
these are two pics i took before and i sell the blouse my cousin n i'm using

well, you could use it as a dress (for toddlers)
or blouse like wht i was wearing.

i also do sell the necklace and the scarf. lol.
details? next post please :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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if you followed me on my twitter (@sartob) you might already know that i've entered college.
last monday was my first orientation day at monash college.
and the story goes...

so, temen pertama monash gw namanya: RIA. kt kenalan rada accidentally gitu sih, sebenernya nyokap gw yg kyk ngajak ngomong kakaknya, trs malah jd gw yg ngmg sm dy :)
she's really fun and friendly, sayangnya, dia ambil part two which is different with mine (i'm in part one) tp gpp, masih bs ktmuan kok intinya haha.

well, i met wina and windy, twins, tp ga mirip haha. they're also very friendly n ambil diploma business kyk gw haha! asik!

the next day, i went for another orientation day, but that was more personal, parents are not adviced to come. well, i've known ria, wina, and windy so, at least i've got friends :) haha. terus yeah, we had games and put in groups. temen baru lg! (i'm sooo excited to have LOTS of new friends :D) jesslyn and christopher (if i'm not mistaken) n satu lg! dr gandhi ancol, he's a bit weird but nice after all :) namanya daniel. and, we've got to know each other better and decided to take commerce together. jesslyn was pretty shy at the start, but after i knew she went for igcse too, we got hyper talking stuffs haha. trs kalo christopher, anaknya asik, dr SMAK1, n ternyata kenal tmn2 gw dr sana. trs, i also met a few others, such as icha and the arab one, which i forgot the name :( yah, maklum, short term memory haha.

OVERALL, asik. monash asik. gurunya asik. temennya asik. pelajarannya (mungkin) asik. time table nya asik bgt (krn ngrasa kyk kuliahan bgt, ga kayak sekolah yg diatur dr jm sekian sampe sekian haha)
jadi intinya, gw merasa asik :)

lalu, i've heard about miyabi things.
miyabi aka maria ozawa katanya mau ke indo ya? trs fpi heboh banget haha.
well, gak comment banyak deh. soalnya gw ga ngerti jg.
tp i remembered, around 2 years ago, my boy friends used to talk about her like every seconds. so, her name was captured in my core brain and AH! wkt di radio namanya disebut, i was like... hm... i think i knw that name haha.

katanya sih, dia mw main di film "menculik miyabi" based on a script by Raditya Dika haha. yah, kl filmnya jadi sih katanya bukan porn movie, tp comedy gt. haha, kt liat saja nanti kawan2 :p

taken from: google (of course)

aannddd, the last thing i wanna share with you guys!
lebay emang, tp you really dnt knw how excited i am haha.
walopun sara gajadi nonton, and cherryn jg!
they leave me no choice, gw tetep harus nonton coz i bought the tickets.
akhirnya gw nonton brg alver, demas, n nael.
gpp, yg penting TING2S! :D
eh btw, ada yg nonton jg ga?

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

crocs playtime

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click here to see her in the official website
here: 200,000rp

buy 2 for only 400,000rp

CYPRUS (photo-soon!)
or click here instead
there: $49.99
here: 250,000rp

RIO (photo-soon!)
or click here instead
there: $59.99
here: 350,000rp
buy 2 for only 600,000rp

what are these?

well, they're well known-brand shoes called crocs
you might already knew and familiar enough with this brand
so, my mom's friend is selling them (and i help her- i'll get something if i could sell them :))
well, these are imported from china (yea, china might sounds so fake to you)
but, don't worry these are real
they just baked freshly from the oven,
which means i could get you cheaper price than the store

why cheaper?

first, i don't need to pay tax neither rent for the store
second, as i said, they were sent directly from the factory
third, no box included, well, they're packaged in a special plastic which means less cost

and yes, I sell them online
if you guys have any inquires, pls email me at
or sms at 08170870948
or simply by comment here :)


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blazer- thalia
indian vest- ghea ethnic
purple tanktop- forever 21
tailor made pants
shoes- crocs

batik outer- jhcc exhibition
black tanktop
black belt- charles n keith
short pants- tailor made
leg warmer- gosh
fringe shoes- hongkong
bag- mom's
random bangles

please do forgive my amateur stuffs.
i just have nothing to do recently (besides cleaning the house)
so, i did these and hope you ppl drop by and write some comments :)
anyway, pls do write anything you wanna write

love n cheers,