Sunday, December 4, 2016

a day backward

there are times in life where i felt like repeating the day all over again.
whether it was too good to end; where i was greedy enough to expect 25 hours a day to spend.
or whether it was too bad; where i wish i could turn back time and choose a better option.

either way, there are times in life where i wish i could step backward and re-do the day.
it was simply because, i don't want to get older
and live the younger me.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016


oh no, november is ending and we will soon bid 2016 goodbye.
this boring phrase will then be overheard so many times,
"how time flies, eh?"
to be honest, i felt 2016 was pretty ... um, uninteresting.
despite the tour i had to USA (does not mean to brag), the other things i did in life was ordinary.
i remembered at the start of 2016 i was looking for bigger challenge in life,
i did not find that in work - but thank goodness, i found where my heart belongs.
there are things that go exactly by the plan and there are unpredictable ones.
all in all, i am not that much satisfied to what i have achieved this year.

i hope i'll do much better next year.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

what will happen to us?

if we all humans live in peace, will there be heaven?
if we all humans live to fight, will there be hell?
there is white and then there is black
there are always two sides of a coin

good and bad, it is pretty easy to differentiate the two
since a kid, we are always taught to do good things in life,
but; grey areas always exist
and confuse us half-way.

life doesn't come with a manual book,
there is no clear guidance to which side is good and which is bad.
we then started to assume, we think and make judgement.
everything; then comes from our own mind, our calculation or even our illusion.
this is where things may gone wrong.

so, what will happen to the world,
when everyone thinks differently?
when everyone believes in different values?
when there is nothing that can unite us anymore?
what will happen to us, the humans?

Thursday, November 17, 2016


"oh hey, where are you"

"i've been waiting for hours"

"no reply?"


"that's okay"

"i'm okay"

"at least, i'll pretend i am okay"


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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

tell me about it

"what is wrong?"

"i don't know, everything seems wrong to me"

"yeah, i feel uncertain about my own feelings.
it's somehow complicated"
"tell me about it"