Monday, July 4, 2016

miles and miles away

first of all, i just would like to apologize for not posting things in order.
it feels like a time loop, i know.

to make things clear, i'll put it this way:
1. black coloured hair is my initial colour. 
duh, like all the asians do.

2. i had a bleaching process and turned my hair into blonde-grey-ish
i am not sure if i will post 'em out since most of my pictures were accidentally deleted.

3. as the colour depleted, my hair turned even more yellow.

4. then coloured my hair a little bit with light brown with an ombre style. i made it myself though, so it doesn't look as good.

5. bored with the tangled long hair, i decided to chop 'em off and coloured it orange (as seen in my previous post)

alright, good luck processing them all :)

a couple months ago, we were invited by MILES for the grand launching of MILES APP
and t'was an awesome day!

have a surf yourself and see what miles is!

"Miles makes it easy for the curious, youthful, and energetic to discover local gigs, events, and venues. Tired of doing the same old thing? Our blog, magazine, and app will be your guide in creating new memories and friends."

miles is like a new friend who will guide you to take up a new adventure.
you might have been familiarised with social application / e-commerce / some sort which related to app and media. they are pretty much the same, but miles is somewhat special.

they are the insiders, the people who've known the city since birth and longing to share you a new way to explore. as for an example; i who live in jakarta and keen to live the bandung nightlife but has no friend to update with, miles is the right guy!
with miles we could tell what is the happening event, "it" hanging our place, new restaurant to try and live like the commoners. 

all in all, miles is a worth-to-try app to live the moment!


Friday, July 1, 2016


pingkan palilingan
my sister from another mother.

yes, we used to look so alike!

and even our poses & expressions are similar ;")


Monday, June 27, 2016

beautifully yours

"i feel beautiful
oh well, 
i am beautiful"

i believe most of the girls in this world would have this thought once in their lives.
"beautiful" is truly subjective.
but, i think it's every girl's right to have this mindset.
everyone is beautiful in their own way.
no matter what.

a few weeks ago, i had a fun gathering with beauty enthusiasts thanks to Female Daily and Panasonic.
not only they taught us how to look "more" beautiful, but they also introduced us a fast treatment to modify our look. 

when i first arrived at the table, i was quite shock and happy at the same time; knowing that i could try these amazing stuffs.

well, what are those?

1. i know it sounds silly, but i thought it was some kind of vacum cleaner at first.
after a short introduction by Panasonic, i just realised its function is too good to be true!
 NANOCARE FACIAL ICONIC STEAMER, that is what it's called.
so, it basically runs as a steamer. 
yes, as simple as that.
but for face. (what a smart way to explain! -_-)

this friendly machine exposes steam/fume which can penetrate your skin which moisturize and freshen up your skin. it can be used before using makeup so your makeup can stay forever (ok, that is exaggerating)
or after your tiring day - to cleanse off your makeup.

well, let's take a deep look at this friend!

the technology

this facial steamer produces nano-ionic steam which is ultra-fine nano-sized particle steam that is 4000 times finer than the normal ones. 

well, you can tell how effective it is right?
the smaller sized particles means that the water penetrates skin easily and has long-lasting moisturizing effects!

how to use?

i found it very easy and practical to use. why?
the set up time is really fast. you just need to pour clean distilled water into the tank and flip the button switch from "0" to "1".
and after a few seconds, the steam will set loose and all i need to do is just resting my face in front of the nozzle. ( - around 20 cm from the nozzle, don't put your face too close or your boyfriend will get jealous! - if you know what i mean ke ke ke)

what are the benefits?

- deep cleansing of pores 
- moisturizing
- increase skin elasticity and smooth wrinkles
- healthier, clearer and glowing skin
- boosting blood circulation
- removing toxins
- re-hydrate skin

thanks to its nano-ionic steam, it penetrates depply into the skin which resulted to moisturized skin.
it also penetrates deeper for moisure retention.

so, what's not to love?

then, moving over to the second product which is essential for my daily live,

if you pay attention to the title of the products, you can tell that Panasonic has the same technology that applies these two friends.

yes that is right, NANOE

let's see how it works in this ultra cool hair straightener!

nanoes particle are the moisture rich particles that enrich and protect your hair from dryness and damage that caused by high heat temperatures. 
it also saturate the hair's shaft right down to the follicle where moisture is important to prevent hair breakage, fall or damage.

not to mention that this little fella has photoceramic (ceramic coated plates) which preserves your hair colour (YES, ME ME ME!) and intelligent sensing system for its safety! this will let the temperature of the plate turn down automatically when this device is not used at designated time.
"my hair is burnt! no more :)"

so to conclude;
what are the benefits?

- moisturize your hair while styling
- prevent heat-caused moisture evaporation and damage to hair
- tones the cuticle and balance your hair's moisturize content
- advanced stable heater which prevents the iron plate from lowering temperature and improves the hair straightening by 35%
- maintains hair colouring
- maintains hair moisture

in the event itself, we had a makeup & hairstyling tutorial which is really easy to apply!

well, thank you Panasonic and Female Daily for the amazing time!

and..... let's close this post with short ootds :p