Sunday, September 17, 2017

WATSONS goes online!

kemarin, pas bangeeeet sabun cuci muka gue abis dan pantat rasanya mageran banget untuk jalan ke supermarket ataupun drugstore terdekat. emang paling praktis beli apapun via online dimana gue dengan gampangnya klik klak klik dan barangpun diantar ke depan rumah.
sometimes, i wish my life would be that easy.
and thanks God, WATSONS just answered my prayer!

that's righttttt! dengan semaraknya hampir semua offline store merujuk ke online, ini lah saatnya watsons, favourite drug store gue goes online!
nah, yuk let's welcome WATSONS E-COMMERCE!
sekarang kalo kamu mau belanja peralatan kecantikan sampai ke sabun-sabun mandi segala bisa deh tinggal klik-klik dan semua barangnya dianter ke rumah.
coba ya geng intip websitenya disini atau copy-paste link ini

lewat website atau mobile apps nya WATSONS, everything seems pretty easy now.
shampoo abis, klik
obat jerawat abis, klik
pencukur ketek pun udah mulai jelek, tinggal klik!
all of them can be delivered right to your front door! kewl right!

nah buat kamu-kamu yang belom tau, watsons punya rangkaian produk dari cosmetics, skincare, health & fitness, personal care, hair care, food & sundries.
kalo kamu belanja barang-barang tsb via online, watsons juga nyediain berbagai macam diskon menarik yang ramah di kantong!
apalagi pas banget nih watsons lagi celebrating their 11th birthday, diskonnya mencapai 70% loh geng! dohhhh, worth to check banget!

buat kamu yang udah mulai ngiler untuk belanja online, cara untuk order di watsons super easy, pake banget. cukup registrasi via homepagenya, buat akun, dan pilih deh barang yang mau kamu belanjain.
kalo udah puas, tinggal pilih cara pembayaran dan cus, tunggu barang kamu dianter dengan cantik sampai depan pintu!

nah waktu gue terima paket dari watsons pun, gue cukup terpesona dengan packagingnya yang rapi dan cantik. semua barang dibungkus dengan bubble wrap biar ga pecah & disusun dengan ciamik. udah percis kayak belanja sendiri tapi yang ini dibungkusin, dirapiin & dianterin pula!

so, watchu waiting for? kuy belanja di watsons sekarang juga!
klik disini untuk langsung mampir ke websitenya ya!


Thursday, September 7, 2017

my new friend: bio oil

awrighty, i am going to be honest here.
growing up as a “fine” woman was not easy for me. when i was a kid, i loved to wear jeans and polo tshirt. i was a dark-skinned gal with two bunny-teeth, hair pretty messed up & easily identified with ugly looking glasses.
i felt like there’s a “boy” living in me, as i prefer soccer than barbie doll, i loved hanging outdoors getting myself tanned (in a non-pretty way), i loved playing & getting myself fell and hurt.
as i grew up, i realised that i have WAY TOO MANY scars all over my body and it ain’t looking good.
i decided to wear long skirt/ long pants to cover them up.

the funny thing is, although i am not into this “boy” thing anymore; i am just as clumsy as ever.
i hate to admit it but being reckless has just grown into my identity and my scars are not getting lesser, but more!

it’s been quite some time for me to search a good-quality & trusted product which can solve my stretch-marks & scars problem since it’s been haunting me and discourage me to wear the clothes that i love.

before being introduced to BIO OIL formally, i’ve encountered the presence of this orange bottle at my mom’s bedroom a few times. little did i know, it has this magical benefit which suits my needs! 

if you are ready to be mesmerized, stay with me and i’ll go through the details.

so, what are really the benefits of BIO OIL?
in short, i’ll just say that it is able to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks & uneven tone!
but it has more to offer, that is why i am here to help you out with the deets.


bio oil helps to improve the appearance of new or old scars, its unique formulation combines vitamin A and E which work with the skin to promote cell regeneration. this then will also improve the texture & tone of the scar skin.

speaking of new and old scars. it is somehow understandable that younger scar is easier & faster to heal than the older one. so to speak, you might want to apply bio oil twice a day for a minimum of three months to show result.
and you might want to apply more frequent to the older scar, just to let it absorb more.

something to note, though, bio oil cannot be used to broken skin. it should be used on a scar once the skin's surface is fully healed and leaves a mark.
and to those who might want to get its best result, apply bio oil by massaging into the skin in a circular motion until fully absorbed.


bio oil helps to prevent the formation & improve the appearance of existing stretch marks formed during pregnancy, teenage growth spurts or periods of rapid weight gain.
i do myself face this kind of problem. 
although i haven't been pregnant nor in a period of drastic change in weight; i still have stretch marks in several areas and it annoys the hell out of me.

thank God bio oil's unique formulation combines vitamins A & E which promotes the formation of new collagen, assisting in skin renewal & increasing elasticity. this then will result to increasing its moisture content, reduces the itch of stretching skin & improves the skin's overall texture and tone!

let's say "bye bye" to stretch marks, then?


with regular application, bio oil helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. this is due to the synergistic effect of the active ingredients in the product, specifically vitamins A & E


bio oil's formula combines the benefits of vitamins A & E to improve the texture, tone & appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. vitamin A promotes the formation of new collagen & assists in skin renewal, helping to increase elasticity while vitamin E protects the skin from the effects of free radicals which cause skin damage & premature aging.


bio oil’s blend of vitamins and plant oils provides effective, soothing relief from dry skin. vitamin E increases the moisture content of the epidermis. chamomile Oil provides anti-inflammatory benefits which soothe and calm the skin and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin. bio oil’s breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™ acts as an emollient, making the skin soft, smooth and supple. the formula is also non- comedogenic, providing maximum hydration without blocking pores.


it's time to glow, eh?



Monday, August 7, 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

love what you do

i've been away for so long, too long maybe. there are just too many things happening in my life i felt like losing my breath slowly, but thank God i am enjoying every moment i've spent so far.
yes, for those of you who don't know me personally might not even know what i am currently facing or what i do for living, but here's a clue; it's something that i love to do, and that is all that matters.

ages ago, kay, probably not that long, i used to work at this one industry i have no interest in. it's like i used to live in two different world; work (that i have no heart in but pays the bill) and hobby (something i really enjoy doing but does not pay much). i found it fun and entertaining to have two sort-of separate life that somehow completes each other. so i lived that way for three years until it became hell.

these two world started to clash and lost its priority. i started to question myself, is this really what i want? and then i started to doubt myself, feeling insecure and confused. i no longer feel happy during working hour, then it started to ruin my daily mood. i've always wanted the day to end early and wish that monday was never invented. it was not a good time, but it was a learning process and i am still thankful for that.

long story short, i made a decision. i finally moved to a new job that somewhat i called it, "home". i must say that the pressure was high, it's new, it's challenging, it's hard, but all those negativism turn into something that push me to work harder and harder because i put my heart in it. my treatment was a whole lot different and that is just because i love my job.

you know what, i used to hate when people say "love what you do and you'll be able to conquer the world". bullshit, i thought. 
but now, i must confess that it ain't bullshit. i was in denial, trying to find a good reason to justify my selfish mind. give it a try, do what your heart says and the fire will burn in your heart screaming "i fucking love what i do and i'll give my 200% to finish it" 

i won't force you to quit your job right now just because you said you dislike your job. everything is a learning process, and i believe my 3 years was not wasted. if you are in position where you can see no future in your current workplace, or you feel like everyday is living hell, then go. get out and find your new home. you'll love it there.